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Choose Nissan Commercial Fleet for the highest quality fleet vehicles, competitive incentives, priority ordering and superior customer service.

Fleet Sales Program Details:

Applicants for NNA Fleet Certification must:

  • Register the NNA vehicles under their company name.
  • Keep the NNA vehicles in company service for the minimum term (see current fleet program for minimum term).
  • Have a minimum of five (5) vehicles registered in the name of the company and in company service. Copies of the DMV registrations supporting the application for NNA Fleet Certification must be attached.

The five-vehicle minimum requirement can be met by a combination of the first order, plus the vehicles the prospective NNA Certified Fleet Account has in its inventory. The vehicle order(s) will be processed following NNA Fleet Certification.

Government agencies, public utilities and professional driving schools have no vehicle minimum. Government agencies include city, county and state governments, and their various departments whose purchases are federal excise tax exempt. Public utilities include telephone, water, gas and electric companies.

NNA Fleet Certification Guideline Details

  • Nissan/Infiniti dealerships are not eligible for NNA Fleet Certifications.
  • Nissan/Infiniti Dealer-owned independent leasing or rental companies that are separate entities are eligible for NNA Fleet Certification. Dealer-owned leasing or rental companies must be a separate corporation and operated independently of the Nissan Dealership.
  • Leasing companies or banks with a wholesale Dealer lease purchase operation which purchase Nissan vehicles leased by a dealership do not qualify for certification.
  • Leasing companies whose primary business is brokering to individual customers do not qualify for NNA Fleet Certification.
  • NNA Fleet Certification will not be issued to individuals.
  • Only corporate home offices of national corporations should apply for fleet certification. Branch locations of national companies such as corporate-owned daily rental locations of Hertz, Avis, etc., will use the certification number of the national office. Daily rental licensees will be given individual certification numbers.
  • NNA Affiliate companies qualify for NNA Fleet Certification upon submission of a completed and approved application. Vehicles purchased for employee lease programs or personal use do not qualify for fleet incentive payments.
  • Companies whose primary business is export are not eligible for Fleet Certification.
  • Up to 10 units for any single account per program quarter are eligible for retail payments (including retro bonus) and can be reported as retail sales provided the vehicles are delivered out of dealer stock and are not ordered out of the national fleet pool for sale as fleet vehicles. A Program Quarter is defined as the 88—94 day period used for incentive programs' start and close dates.
  • Any units in excess of the 10 per Program Quarter are ineligible for retail payments and must be reported as fleet sales (which are eligible for fleet incentive payments). This may entail contacting the Fleet Department if a fleet certification number does not currently exist.
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