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Line Of Credit

Nissan Motor Acceptance Corporation (NMAC) provides a line of credit (LOC) that is not only
customized for your business needs, but also helps streamline your lease or purchase process.

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  • Line of Credit

    A line of credit – an established maximum loan amount that you can draw on as needed – can be a great option if you want to:

    • Seamlessly acquire vehicles as your business grows[*]
    • Tailor your financing plan to:
      • Maximize the total fleet investment
      • Take advantage of flexible finance terms based on the number and types of vehicles you need.
  • Financing Made Easy

    As a first step in each commercial vehicle acquisition discussion, the line of credit makes financing easy and flexible:

    • Our team of specialists possess the industry knowledge and motivation to make financing your fleet straightforward and trouble-free.
    • From the moment financing is requested, we consider your unique business and suggest a financing plan that will maximize the total fleet investment.
    • With approved credit, our Signature-branded leasing programs allow you to choose the transaction that's best for your vechicle's location and condition.
  • Additional Features

    All Nissan and Infiniti models qualify for vehicle financing with a line of credit, which also features:

    • Pre-approved annual credit limits
    • Competitive market rates
    • Negotiable down payment amounts and officer/ownder guarantees
    • No administrative or retention fees to open or maintain it under the NMAC LOC program
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