Meet the Winners

Behind every great small business is an even greater story. See what our winners had to say and what made them perfect for a new NV200™ Compact Cargo.

CORE Mechanical, LLC

HVAC Services OUT OF The Woodlands, TX

About My Company

CORE Mechanical is a unique woman-owned, multi-service company, providing repair and replacement of commercial and industrial HVAC, refrigeration and kitchen equipment. We want to be our clients’ long-term partner, not just someone they call when their systems go down. Our goal is to exceed expectations by providing high-quality, prompt and reliable service in the Houston metropolitan area.

How Would a New NV200™ Help My Business?

Acquiring capital is hard for emerging small businesses, especially in today’s economy. The addition of a new NV200 at CORE Mechanical would mean that we could hire a new service technician. A new service technician would allow us to take on new clients, which could potentially increase our revenue by as much as 30%.

How Would I Design My Dream Van?

The exterior of our van has a unique wrap that showcases what we are all about, while touting the NV200’s storage capacity; a roof-mounted, double slide down ladder rack; special safety lighting for garages & hazardous parking areas; splash guards; exterior appearance package & body side moldings. The interior has a system that allows us to turn the interior of the cargo space inside out, giving easy access to tools & equipment without having to climb in the van. This pull-out work bench system stores refrigerant cylinders, recovery equipment, tools & parts. Cords & gauges hang from hooks. The work bench floor has additional storage doors. The electronic systems includes a cordless tool charging panel, several 12VDC outlets & a wireless 802.11AC hotspot with up to 100 yards range for our laptops & dispatch software in low cell coverage areas. Our dream van would be equipped with Nissan’s technology package, floor mats, GPS tracking, & a rear view camera.

Why Do You Deserve To Win?

This contest is about supporting small business growth. We spent a lot of time and effort as a company on this video and our entry because having a new van would dramatically improve our company's ability to grow. A new van means we can hire a new technician and increase our revenues. We believe our design and modifications are very innovative for the HVAC/R industry. We are fun, and have a stable company poised for growth. We aren't filmmakers, but we spent a lot of time on our video and hope you enjoy. Please excuse our homemade video. Please pick us!!!