Meet the Winners

Behind every great small business is an even greater story. See what our winners had to say and what made them perfect for a new NV200™ Compact Cargo.

Buonafina Plumbing & Heating Llc

Plumber OUT OF Clifton, NJ

About My Company

I am a 2 tour veteran. I recently returned from Afghanistan 5 months ago and have owned my business since 2006. I shut my business down two times while deployed once to Iraq and then to Afghanistan. I have 3 kids and live in my in-laws house. I had to sell my house after my first deployment since restarting your business is a difficult process. I have 2 sons and one of them goes to work with me during school breaks and weekends to help me out. My business is a plumbing & heating business that focuses on residential work but ventures into commercial work to make ends meet.

How Would a New NV200™ Help My Business?

Right now I only have one work van and I have a worker but when we get really but when we get really busy I have to use my old pickup that is a gas guzzler and not very convenient since it doesn't have space for inventory. It is difficult and at times we lose work because I don't have enough time to run around to the supply house and finish jobs on time or while I have to take the truck for repairs(which happens often). The additional truck would would be great for me since I can use it as m daily driver and estimates as well as for service work.

How Would I Design My Dream Van?

Shelves, roof rack and letter it up with our company name as well as a GPS for fast response time.

Why Do You Deserve To Win?

As I stated above I am a veteran of two wars, a father of three and I had to do a short sale on my house after returning from Iraq with no help from my bank to do a loan modification. Now after returning from my second deployment I struggle but work very hard to provide for my family. I am still a reservist and carry the rank of Staff SGt in the US Army. I work 6 days a week and on Sundays I spend time with my family to make up for lost time. This van would be great for my business and for my familly.