Gibson® Repair & Restore Van

Putting the heart and soul of rock 'n roll on four wheels.

  • Sliding Instrument Repair Table
    • Extendable workbench
    • Small parts bins
    Retractable Onkyo Speakers
    • Fold-down speakers mounted to inner ceiling
    • One speaker at each door
  • Repair & Restoration Space
    • Pullout Luthier's bench
    • Guitar repair tools, including fret flies and tuning forks
    Comfort and Style
    • Gibson branded seats
    • Offset roof panel with halo accent lighting
  • Custom-designed Wrap
    • Imagery of classic Gibson stringed instruments
    • Imagery of Cerwin-Vega!, KRK, and Onkyo products
    Custom Front Cabin
    • Wood veneer dash evokes classic Gibson designs
    • Leather-appointed seats and Gibson logo horn insert

Gibson meets the NV200

Nissan teamed up with the Gibson Repair & Restoration department to create a one-of-a-kind van that keeps the music playing. The custom design features a luthier's bench, a fully stocked toolbox, even an audio system provided by Gibson Pro Audio consumer electronics' brand, Onkyo. This vans rocks, rolls, and kicks out jams in more ways than one. Watch the videos and see how this incredible van was built and the craftsmen that brought it to life.