Meet the Winners

Behind every great small business is an even greater story. See what our winners had to say and what made them perfect for a new NV200™ Compact Cargo.

Wanna Go? Pet Transport

Rescue Pet Transportation OUT OF Hampton, VA

About My Company

Wanna Go? Pet Transport is a full service, pet transport company dedicated to the reliable, safe, clean, and comfortable transportation of household pets and rescue animals located all across the country. Based in Hampton Roads, VA, Wanna Go? provides nationwide transportation of pets for families that are moving, show and sporting dogs to major events, and most frequently the transportation of rescue pets.

Each year, 1000's of rescued animals, from shelters across the country, seek safe haven at foster and furever homes throughout the nation. These pets, ranging from backyard kitties, to adorable mutts, to full bred athlete all stars not only have the challenge of finding a home that will take them in forever, but a rescue that matches the animal with adopter, but then must face sometime their biggest challenge of getting from a shelter or foster to their 'furever' home; this is where Wanna Go? comes into play. We transport animals from dire situations to fantastic homes.

How Would a New NV200™ Help My Business?

A NV200 would benefit Wanna Go? by providing a safe, comfortable, and reliable vehicle to get desperate animals to their "furever" homes. Wanna Go? currently has a full size van that can transport up to 15 animals, however, this vehicle is clumsy to drive, gets poor fuel economy, and requires a full load to be able to break even on our costs for transport; at 14 mpg its hard to have a successful business, let alone be able to provide enough income to allow for more charity work. At NV200's 25 mpg, our costs would nearly be halved, allowing Wanna Go? to not only provide more donated transport trips, but also accommodate smaller rescues that only need to transport only a few animals at a time. Having visited a dealer here in Hampton, VA, I know that I can accommodate up to 4 airline crates, the only safe way to travel for pets, inside the van meaning our transport options would open up greatly. Variety and flexibility are the keys to success and saving more shelter animals.

How Would I Design My Dream Van?

My dream van would utilize the 6 tie down points in the rear of the van to securely fasten the crates inside the van for animal safety and comfort. To add to the comfort, ,I would insulate the rear storage area of the van to maximize the comfort while using the heat and AC units on the van. Since I often overnight/rest inside the van with the animals, it would also include a retractable couch frame to help assure good rest so that I can make animal deliveries safely and well rested.

Because my routes run from rural NC, to NYC and Long Island, and everywhere in between, a technology package with in dash GPS and stereo system would complete the interior to assure safe, on time, and accurate deliveries of all animals.

Lastly, because pet transport isn't a well known commodity, getting the word out is key, so my van would have striking graphics and logos to both get attention and inform consumers of the options available to safely transport their animals.

Why Do You Deserve To Win?

Wanna Go? Pet Transport deserves to win because we strive to help those among us that can not speak for themselves. Wanna Go? is a for profit business, but provides huge discounts to non-profit rescues and shelters, military, and other such organizations. Additionally, financial success we achieve as a business allows for more opportunities to provide even deeper discounts, or in many cases, donated transports to animals in need. Having a vehicle that provides not only great performance, but superb efficiency would open even more opportunities. Additionally, Wanna Go? would be a great fit for your winner, as we have a large online community which follows us through social media that could partner with Nissan to open up markets and opportunities for the NV200 that previously might not have ever existed. Wanna move outside of plumbers and HVAC to attract new customers? Let Wanna Go? sing your praises for the K9 sporting and show communities and watch the opportunities open.