Meet the Winners

Behind every great small business is an even greater story. See what our winners had to say and what made them perfect for a new NV200™ Compact Cargo.

Sublime Cake Design

Bakery OUT OF Redding, CA

About My Company

Sublime Cake Design is a custom cake and cupcake shop that opened in August 2011 in Redding, California, and is owned and operated by Wiley Saccheri, his wife Tiffanie, and mother-in-law Jackie New. Wiley quickly picked up a knack for cake art in 2008 when he was unexpectedly thrown into the position while working at a local bakery. Being a musician with a lifelong love for art, he developed a passion for the sugary sculptures, which spurred visions of being the next big hit in the cake world. Those visions were realized sooner than he though when a veteran cake master asked him and his wife to compete with them in a televised cake challenge, Ultimate Cake Off on TLC. After realizing the potential for Wiley's new found skill, the family decided to open a small cake and cupcake shop, and give it all they've got!

These days the three amigos work tirelessly to provide completely unique cake creations for ecstatic customers around Northern California.

How Would a New NV200™ Help My Business?

A professional delivery vehicle has been something the three of us have wanted and needed since day one. Money was tight upon opening the business, as we all literally put everything we had into getting our shop up and running, so we had to wait and hope that we could one day afford one. Winning a new Nissan NV200 would be the boost that we need as a business to thrive under economic pressure, and would help cement in customers' minds our company's code of cool professionalism.

Currently we use Jackie's Nissan Murano to deliver cake and cupcake orders, and don't get us wrong, we love our Nissan. It has all the main features we need to deliver basic orders... The problem is, our orders are getting bigger and more fragile and complex! We are a growing small business, and are definitely feelin' some growing pains in the vicinity of our delivery setup. If we had that new NV200 with the works under our feet, we would feel confident to get out there and establish a reputation around town!

How Would I Design My Dream Van?

Our dream van would start with a screamin' paint job that grabs attention in our funky-but-relaxed color scheme. Our vibe from the start has been bright and simple, and just emits the fun attitude we all have. That feeling would have to resonate with our van's look instantly to passing traffic.

As far as functionality goes, there are some definite requirements, unfortunately Nissan makes the list tough to write, as many of the features we could want are already in the NV200! Specifically for our purpose, though, we would need a beefed up A/C system, or even perhaps a refrigeration unit (go big or go home, right?), A nice big open area for cake transport, a rack unit for cupcake storage, and a sign on top for cake delivery in progress.

We would love to be able take our business on the road and be a part of local events, such as fundraisers and farmers markets. We would have a perfect mobile set up with a few add-ons, like a sunshade of some sort and a fold out counter. Road trip!

Why Do You Deserve To Win?

We feel that we deserve to win this new sweet ride because we are a very driven and hard working family with a special talent for making people happy. Our customers always leave with a smile and feeling of friendship, and we want to be able to provide these feelings to all, leaving behind a legacy of our epic-ness. In a society where customer service has been reduced to a rude voice through a speaker, we are a refreshingly normal family that treats every customer more like a friend than a paycheck.

We have been working so hard for this lately that a reward like this would give us a huge pat on the back, and keep our momentum going for years to come.

Help us out, Nissan!!