Meet the Winners

Behind every great small business is an even greater story. See what our winners had to say and what made them perfect for a new NV200™ Compact Cargo.

Simply Cake

Bakery OUT OF Hesperia, CA

About My Company

We are a family owned Bakery in a small town, always on the go! We specialize in Wedding and Custom Specialty Cakes. We also have come to include cupcakes, cannoli, cookies, cake and candy decorating supplies and more! My Dad (Lee) and myself (Matthew) do all of the baking and my Mom (Trish) and Sister (Jennifer) do all of the cake decorating. Many of our recipes come from my Grandmother as well as authentic recipes from close friends. Mom and Dad started the business 3 years ago in our town of Hesperia, even though our family has done cake for 15+ years. Mom and my Sister have taken classes with some well known Food Network stars to help develop and hone their skills, so I know I can proudly say that we have the best tasting and best looking cakes for miles! We are very community oriented, continually donating and helping out our local schools, foster organizations and our large yearly event... the local American Cancer Society's Relay for Life.

How Would a New NV200™ Help My Business?

I have been eyeing the new NV200 since it popped up on the Nissan website! It would be perfect for our business. Our town in located approx 35 miles from all of our vendors. Sometimes I have to evaluate what supplies I need because I cannot fit everything into my car. Not only would it help with our supply runs, we do many deliveries on the weekends for wedding cakes and events. When we deliver we have to rent a SUV or MiniVan for the day to keep a professional and nice appearance. We also participate in several Farmers Markets to sell our product. I again use my car and cram in all of the tables, coolers, chairs and pop up tent, talk about cramped!!!

How Would I Design My Dream Van?

My dream van.... would have shelves, refrigeration, and our company logo and pictures on the outside. I see a white van with our company logo (in bright purple) on both sides and the back with pictures of cakes and cupcakes that we have done all around. I would have a spectacular air conditioner on the van, one that runs with the vehicle off to keep product and supplies cold. I would have storage for coolers and tables that would securely hold all of my market set up. I would have adjustable shelves to securely hold cakes for deliveries to weddings, events and to our 2 locations we wholesale our product to. I would also have built into the storage, a place for my pop up canopy, or even a canopy that is attached or built into the NV200.

Why Do You Deserve To Win?