Meet the Winners

Behind every great small business is an even greater story. See what our winners had to say and what made them perfect for a new NV200™ Compact Cargo.

Just Windows

Window Cleaning OUT OF Prescott, AZ

About My Company

'Just Windows' was born in October 2010 after a change in ownership of the company I had worked with for 12 years led me to start my own business. Having been their supervisor and trainer of window cleaners, carpet cleaners, pressure washers, tile and grout cleaners and even janitorial crews, I knew that Window Cleaning was what I really enjoyed doing. Now 2.5 years into this venture I couldn't be more pleased with the way the business is growing and being the sole employee of the company I get to do everything exactly my way.

How Would a New NV200™ Help My Business?

It looks to me like the perfect vehicle. I have spent some time in Europe and this style van is used everywhere by all types of service companies and I have always wondered why this style has not come to the U.S. It's the perfect size van for my business because I carry a fair amount of gear but I don't need a heavy duty truck. It would allow me easy access to all my tools without having to climb in and out of the truck or move lots of things around.

How Would I Design My Dream Van?

A cage up front to separate all the gear from the drivers area. In the driver area there would be something set up to organize storage of a laptop, and paperwork. The passenger side cargo door would open to a set of shelves to access the little things I need to get to day in and day out. There would be a ladder rack on top for a couple of ladders. In the back would be mounted a hose reel (maybe 2) and a DI tank for cleaning windows with pure water. Inside on the cargo area ceiling would be clamps to hold several different poles. In the front cargo area, along the cage wall would be more shelving for items that I need to carry but use daily. That would be easily accessed from the driver side cargo door. The floor of the cargo area would be treated with some sort of rubberized material to protect it and help keep anything from sliding. On at least one wall of the cargo area there would be a way to fasten 1 or 2 small step ladders.

Why Do You Deserve To Win?