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Ordering & Upfitting

Buyer's Guide

View our complete selection of vehicles, including specifications, in the Fleet Buyer's Guide. You can also check out the most popular vehicle specification combinations ordered in the Fleet Department.


Get the most out of your Nissan NV with shelves, bins, and many other upfitting parts from Adrian Steel® [*].

Whether it's organizing your equipment or finding the right fit for your tools, Nissan Commercial Vehicles allows you to design a solution tailored just for you.

The Van Visualizer application allows you to explore upfitting options when you build an NV Cargo van.

Nissan offers an upfit program on vehicles produced in the US and Mexico. There is a minimum of 10 vehicles, a $250 'Nissan Ship Through Fee' applies, and will be displayed on the Monroney. US deliveries ONLY. Please contact your local Nissan fleet manager or Gerry Appie at for more information.

Body Builder's Guides

The Body Builder's Guides provide the required technical data and information for aftermarket companies to help ensure the safety and efficient performance of the Nissan NV vans they are modifying.

Contact Regional Fleet Sales Manager

If you are looking for 10 or more vehicles to register in your company's name to keep in company service for the minimum term (usually six months), then please contact your Regional Fleet Sales Manager, or call your local Nissan dealer.

Nissan North America Fleet Courtesy Delivery Program

The NNA Fleet Courtesy Delivery Program is designed to facilitate the delivery of commercial and government fleet vehicles. Dealerships' willingness to handle Fleet Courtesy Deliveries is key to the success of Nissan commercial and government fleet sales.

NNA Fleet Courtesy Deliveries provide dealerships with additional profit opportunities as well as potential future sales. Participating Nissan and Infiniti dealers will receive a courtesy delivery payment directly from NNA. In addition to the courtesy delivery fee, the delivering dealer may also perform the PDI and receive the PDI payment through the warranty claim system.

NNA Fleet Courtesy Delivery Program

What Is Fleet Courtesy Delivery (CD)?
  • Businesses and Fleet Management Companies (FMC's) often purchase all their vehicles from one dealership and then drop-ship those vehicles to dealerships all over the country (to be delivered as “Fleet Courtesy Deliveries”).
  • These sales/deliveries to local “drivers” for a national company are not a “lost or stolen sale” by a dealer located in the local area.
  • A local dealer will typically not have the opportunity to sell the local driver a vehicle because the fleet purchases are handled via the company's corporate headquarters (and often through FMC's).
  • A “Selector List” is established by the fleet customer or FMC from which local drivers choose a particular vehicle. They are ordered through the FMC or company's fleet department, using one dealership for all their purchases, and are drop-shipped to a dealer in the driver's geographic vicinity for the “Fleet Courtesy Delivery”.
  • If a local dealer refuses to handle the courtesy delivery, the company will simply choose another manufacturer's vehicle off the selector list and have it courtesy delivered to a different dealer in the same area and subsequently causing the “loss” of a sale to Nissan.
Program Benefits
  • Guaranteed Payment: NNA pays a fee to the dealer performing the Fleet Courtesy Delivery (no negotiations needed or required to receive the courtesy delivery fee).
  • Dealer may perform the PDI and receive the PDI reimbursement payment through the warranty claim system.
  • Courtesy delivery fee is EFT'd to the Dealer's bank account.
  • No flooring charges incurred by the dealer performing the Fleet Courtesy Delivery. The vehicle is sold through the initial ordering dealer and will be drafted to that dealer's flooring line.
  • Any costs incurred to register/title the vehicle will be reimbursed directly by the FMC or fleet customer.
  • Vehicle is automatically RDR'd—the dealer performing the Fleet Courtesy Delivery doesn't have to do anything in the system to report the vehicle “sold.”
  • Potential future vehicle sales from driver for personal vehicles (spouse, children).
  • Potential future sales through referrals (friends, extended family, other co-workers).
  • Potential profit source for Parts Department for additional accessory sales and future parts needed.
  • Potential profit source for Service Department from vehicle returns for service and warranty work.
What Are the Courtesy Delivering Dealers' Responsibilities?
  • Accept the vehicle from the carrier and inspect to make sure there is not any transportation damage.
  • PDI the vehicle (file a PDI claim like any other vehicle).
  • Title/register the vehicle as instructed by the FMC/fleet customer (FMC/fleet customer reimburses dealer for any costs incurred in registering/titling the vehicle).
  • Deliver the vehicle to the driver.
How the Process Works
  1. FMC/Fleet customer/selling dealer should contact the dealer to make sure they are willing to do Fleet Courtesy Deliveries.
  2. Fleet order/status shows up on the Fleet Customer Status Report (NNANET Report #NPS3370)
  3. Vehicle is shipped and invoiced
    1. Paperwork prints overnight and is mailed (via overnight mail) next business day
    2. FMC/Fleet customer/selling dealer receives paperwork and forwards to the Fleet Courtesy Delivering dealer with specific delivery/title instructions.
    3. Fleet Courtesy Delivering dealer receives paperwork packet
    4. PDI's vehicle
    5. Makes appointment with driver to deliver the vehicle
    6. Titles/registers vehicle as instructed by FMC/fleet customer/selling dealer
    7. FMC/fleet customer/selling dealer reimburses Fleet Courtesy Delivering dealer for any taxes or fees incurred in titling/registering the vehicle
Applicable Vehicles
  • Eligible Vehicles
    Eligible vehicles include fleet vehicles reported as fleet type 2 sales sold to NNA Certified Commercial and Government Fleet Accounts only. Courtesy delivery incentives are available to the delivering drop ship dealer. If the ordering dealer is the same as the drop ship dealer, the vehicle is not eligible for the CD incentive payment.
  • Ineligible Vehicles
    Ineligible vehicles include daily rental companies. Ordering dealers are not eligible to receive a CD incentive payment drop shipped to their own store. A Courtesy Delivery Program customer must be a certified fleet account.
Payment Information
  • Courtesy Delivery Fees
    All dealers have one year from the date of delivery (RDR—retail sales date) in the host system to apply for these Courtesy Delivery incentives.
  • Nissan Delivering Dealers:
    Nissan delivering dealers Fleet Courtesy Delivery Incentive is EFT'd to the dealer's bank account automatically. Payment will be posted within 2-3 weeks after the vehicle has been invoiced. Submission of a claim form is no longer required. All payments are reflected on the dealer's Weekly Incentive Report on (Report #FPP5145).
  • Infiniti delivering dealers:
    Due to pending systems enhancements; Infiniti delivering dealers, after the vehicle is delivered, must submit a completed Request for Nissan Fleet Program Benefits Form (A-11-S) to the National Fleet Sales Department. The Fleet Courtesy Delivery Incentive is paid via a credit on the dealer's Non-Vehicle Account (NVA Parts Statement). All payments are reflected on the dealer's month-end Non-Vehicle-Account statement.
  • PDI Claims:

    PDI claims are managed and paid by the drop ship dealer's service department warranty claim system.

    Completed forms may be submitted to NNA Fleet Sales Department for processing via email (; fax (615-725-6234) or mail (Nissan North America, Fleet Administration; Attn: Howard Bell; P.O. Box 685001, Franklin, TN 37068-5001

    For additional questions regarding the NNA Fleet Courtesy Delivery Program rules or payment inquiries, please contact Howard Bell at 615.725.5931 ( or Mary McAfee at 615.725.5220 (