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Line of Credit

Nissan Motor Acceptance Corporation (NMAC) can be a great resource for financing help. NMAC can set up a customized line of credit (LOC) before a vehicle is leased or purchased. A LOC can streamline the lease/purchase process and should be considered the first step in each commercial vehicle acquisition discussion.

A Personal Approach
  • Our teams of specialists possess the industry knowledge and motivation to make securing financing for your fleet straightforward and trouble-free.
  • From the moment financing is requested, we consider your unique business and suggest a financing plan that will maximize the total fleet investment.
  • You determine the number and types of vehicles you need, and we provide flexible finance terms that take into account your annual rate of cash flow and expected future vehicle values.
  • With approved credit, our Signature branded leasing programs allow you to choose the transaction that's best for your vehicle's location or condition.
Benefits of Having a Line of Credit
  • All Nissan and Infiniti models qualify for vehicle financing
  • Pre-approved annual credit limits
  • Competitive market rates
  • Down payment amounts or officer/owner guarantees are negotiable
Simple to Get Started, Simple to Keep Going
  • Under the NMAC LOC program, you won't pay any administrative or retention fees to open or maintain a line of credit.
  • Following an initial review of the credit application, you will be able to acquire trucks when you need them, so when your business grows, your NMAC-sourced line of credit will be there to support each new venture.
  • All applications for credit are subject to credit review, credit approval and appropriate documentation. Once approved, all LOC's are subject to NMAC's discretion.

With NMAC, business owners enjoy unparalleled access to funding alternatives. Our specialists recognize that a "one size fits all" policy for all customers does not work, which is why our programs include some of the most competitive and flexible financing and repayment terms available in the commercial segment today. Unlike banks that enter and exit markets often, we're here to stay.



Please contact us if you have questions about your NMAC loan or lease account.

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